Project Incharge Role Clarity Document


Role: Project Incharge / Manager


Role Definition: Project In-charge is the one who is responsible for understanding the drawings and executing the same on-site in pre-defined timelines with the best of quality and finishes.


Responsibility Deliverable



1. Who can handle interior sites independently 

2. Quality and time conscious. Depth knowledge of each activity. Deliver the project with high quality. 

3. Able to control the wastage and manage labour at the site.

4. Able to read the drawings.

5. Honest and Punctual 

6. Able to understand the requirement of project/Client deliverables. Deliver the project as per client satisfaction.

Competence Attributes

Quality execution: eye to detail

Add-on skill: Making proposals for upcoming projects.

Must: Own conveyance is a must-have pre-requisite.

Measurement Metrics

· # of days in completing a site

· # of errors or flawless execution

Competencies: Iceberg Elements & Attributes List


1. Understanding of GFC

2. Eye for detail

3. Communication skills 

4. Coordination skills

5. Planning Skills

6. Persuasion skills

7. Rapport-building skills

8. Telephone etiquette

9. Speed


1.  Microsoft Word/Google Doc, MS Excel/Google Sheets

2.  Knowledge of finishes, fixing details.

3. Technical knowledge of all site interior jobs like flooring, ceiling, plumbing, electrical, services


1. Professional


2. Persistent

3. High Energy

4. Ability to handle challenges

5. Willingness to learn

6. Hospitable


1.   Growth Oriented

2.   Win-win philosophy