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Care Instructions


  • Always follow the assembly directions completely. Make sure all the pieces are placed in proper order so that the chairs stay intact and together.
    Pay special attention to making sure the casters or wheels are fully inserted into the base of the unit.

  • Only use office chairs(with a pivoting base) that have a 5 legged base.

  • Every 12 months or so, inspect the chair to make sure all the parts or components of the chairs are tightened to ensure stability. Look for defective casters, loose securing bolts, loose arms were broken adjustable mechanisms.

  • Always keep the base of the chair completely on the floor.

  • Many office chairs are equipped with a tension control on the mechanism to compensate for different body weights. Always ensure that the control is properly adjusted, resulting in a smooth and controlled tilt motion.


  • Don't lean so far back in your chair that the wheels or legs lift up off the floor. Leaning can cause the chair to slip out from under you, cause structural damage, or can loosen important connections that can cause the chair to fall apart.

  • Never put all your weight at the very front edge of the chair. If you sit too far forward, the chair can tip over.

  • Don't leave electrical appliances on upholstered chairs. Fire can result if they overheat. Be careful when smoking or carrying lighted material around upholstered chairs.

  • Mock leather chairs or PU leather chairs cannot be wiped with a wet cloth as it can cause peeling on the surface.


Not Covered Warranty:

  • Damage caused by customers as a result of natural wear, wear related to usage, other environmental influences such as extremely dry or humid conditions, temperature, exposure to light, weathering, improper use, vandalism, unintended use as well as transport and accidental damage caused by overloading/excessive levels of stress on individual components.

  • Any improper treatment over surfaces using unsuitable cleaning and polishing agents as well as unauthorized attempts to repair and touch up components shall also render the warranty void.

  • The warranty shall be restricted to new items from the time of ex-works delivery. The warranty shall not apply to demonstration items that have already been assembled.

  • The warranty does not cover damages due to incorrect and inaccurate installation of the product.

  • For any guidance or help required with installation, please email us with your order number and a scanned copy of the invoice.

Covered Warranty:

  • Our product comes with a limited 3 years warranty against any manufacturing defects like bolts/screws not placing on the holes, or loose, the Gas lift is not working, mechanism issue, wheels not working properly, damaged/broken during the arrival.

  • The warranty is only valid against an original invoice received at the time of purchase.

  • The warranty shall apply exclusively to the item subject to the complaint and not the entire scope of delivery, the warranty shall entitle to rectifying the defect.

  • As a rule. warranty services shall be dealt with by the specialist retail partner and exclusively after having submitted the purchase receipt.


  • For any manufacturing defects, we offer easy replacements.

  • In the case of transit damage, it rests solely at the discretion of Divine Innovation to process any replacements on a case-by-case basis.

  • In case, you receive a defective or damaged product, please contact us within 7 days of receipt. Email us a few photographs with the order number and a scanned copy of the invoice.

  • We will assess the damage and revert within 24 hours. We will either arrange to collect the product and send you a replacement free of charge or just send you a replacement part.