RCD Operations

Roll definition: Operations Manager is one who is responsible for all type of operational processes coordination with production, designing, projects, sales and management team for the smooth completion of interior and furniture orders.

Responsibility deliverable:

1. PDOC Process and Ops sheet

2. HR & Administrative tasks

3. Vendor payment processing

4. Making Quotation, if required

Tasks and activities:

PDOC Process and Ops Sheet

· PDOC receiving from sales team including discussion with sales team, understanding details

· Indenting coordination for in-house orders. Submitting buying list to AC

· Trading item details, comparative sheet, request to accounts for PO.

· Managing Ops sheet and daily push on completion of each line item.

· Site visit coordination between client and production.

· Coordination with trading suppliers, and clients to smoothen the dispatches.

· Coordination between all teams to ensure completion of each order in timely manner.

· Before dispatch ask for payment from the client, if required.

HR Admin task

· Printer, Server, Telephone, IT related issues

· Stationary management: Visiting card etc.

Vendor Payment Processing:

· Defining payment terms with vendors

· Getting their funds released as per payment terms

Measurement Metrics:

Number of orders completed every week.

Timely completion of admn tasks.

Competencies we are looking for…


1. Communication skills: Fluency in English, Hindi

2. Negotiation skills

3. Persuasion skills

4. Rapport-building skills

5. Telephone etiquette

6. Meeting etiquette

7. Listening skills

8. Questioning skills

9. Leadership skill / team work

10. Ability to work under pressure / making systems (PSS) to mitigate pressure.

11. Politeness


1. Microsoft word, excel and PowerPoint, Google Sheet

2. Internet usage, vendor sourcing. Site material knowledge.

3. Understanding of drawings.


1. Confident

2. Go-getter

3. Sales expert

4. Plesant personality


1. Responsible

2. High energy

3. Willingness to learn

4. Honest


1. Hungry for growth

2. Win-Win-Win philosophy

Challenge: new items material and vendor sourcing.