Proposal maker Role Clarity Document


Role: Proposal / BOQ maker for Interior Architecture Project Fit-outs


Role Definition: Proposal maker is the one who is responsible for understanding project’s requirements from the interior designer/sales team and listing all in a BOQ in accordance with exact site requirements, client brief with proper knowledge of material and its costing


Responsibility Deliverable



Tasks & Activities


1. Taking the brief from the sales design team and making BOQ according to the brief, layout, and concept.

· Comprehensive Knowledge of interior fit-out items.

· Taking exhaustive requirements from the sales/design team to complete BOQ with MB sheet and costing.

· Keeping Master BOQ of all execution items with detailed and thorough specifications.

· Visiting the site if required to understand the project properly. 

2. Searching new suppliers and materials for better quality and pricing.

· Keeping a record / library of all raw material with catalogs, sourcing companies / shops and rates.



Measurement Metrics


· # of proposals/BOQ made in a week.

· # of new products / suppliers added in library

Competencies: Iceberg Elements & Attributes List


1. Ablity to understand Interior Architecture drawings and concepts. 

2. Speed


1.  Autocad from reading perspective only.

2.  Microsoft Word, MS Excel/Google Sheets

3.  Knowledge of finishes, fixing details and costings.

4. Technical knowledge of all interior materials and furniture.


1.   Result-focused 

2.   Industry-expert 

3.   Trustworthy

4.   Creative

5.   Determined



1.   Adaptable 

2.   Persistent

3.   Willingness to learn

4.   Resourceful 

5.   Consistent

6.   Punctual


1.   Growth Oriented

2.   Constant learning 

2.   Win-win philosophy