Role Clarity - Outbound Sales

Job Descriptions:

Role Clarity Document of Outbound Sales / Strategic Relationship Building Executive/ Sales Coordinator at Divine Innovation

Roll definition:

The Outbound Sales Executive is the one who is responsible for building strategic relationships with existing clients and prospects clients, generating leads as a result of conversations with them, promoting the organization and its product and services for branding purposes.

Responsibility deliverable:

  1. Data Sourcing and data management.

  2. Engaging with MAN (person who has money, time, and authority) and creating value for customers and build customer relationships.

  3. Generating quality leads.

  4. Developing your Arsenal to get to the next level.

Tasks and activities:

  1. Data Sourcing and data management:

    1. Data collection online and offline: Sourcing accurate contact details from online sources, like LinkedIn, Fundoodata, Google search. Offline through Directories. All data for decision-makers/MAN.

    2. Maintaining the database on the internal templates of the organization.

    3. Send daily activity report to the manager.

  2. Creating value for customers:

    1. Engaging with MAN through WhatsApp/SMS/Phone calls/E-mails/Social media and creating value letters for them (customers and prospective customers), Architects, and Interior designers, fellow Industries to enable them to make better decisions for their PMC, Interior & furniture projects.

    2. Devising and presenting products and ideas in a way that makes them understand the application of products look easy.

  3. Generating quality leads:

    1. Defining target audience with analysis and research.

    2. Writing emails professionally to share company profiles or any information the prospective client needs about the company.

    3. Generating leads and fixing meetings, following up.

    4. Generating 5 leads of INR 5,00,000 + order value every week.

  4. Developing your arsenal to get to the next level:

    1. Learning skill-sets to grow to the next level.

Measurement Metrics:

  • # of calls (actual engagements) per day - 25

  • # of new meetings/SQL (Sales Qualified lead) generated per week - 5

  • # of new leads generated per month - 100

Competencies for this role…Skills:

  1. Fluency in English, Hindi (any Regional Language, if required)

  2. Persuasion skills

  3. Rapport building skills

  4. Telephone etiquette

  5. Listening skills

  6. Questioning skills


  1. Microsoft word, excel, and PowerPoint.

  2. Internet usage, data finds.

  3. Interiors and Furniture Industry.


  1. Confident

  2. Go-getter

  3. Sales expert


  1. High energy

  2. Willingness to learn

  3. Hospitable

  4. Honest

  5. Ability to show a smile over a phone call/written message


  1. Hungry for growth

  2. Win-Win-Win philosophy

Some pre-requisites before doing the call:

  • Avoid any background sounds (your atmosphere affects the response of the client).