Interior Designer Role Clarity Document


Role: Interior Designer


Role Definition: Interior Designer is the one who is responsible for understanding client’s requirement in designing a space and planning it in accordance with the functionality and aesthetics. Creative and smart enough to solve any design issues.


Responsibility Deliverable



Tasks & Activities


1. Taking the brief from the client and making initial layouts according to the brief given by the client.

· Understanding client NDPs (Needs, Desires & Problems)

· Making Minutes of the meeting

· Careful note on his/her objective

· Making the layout with proper dimensions ensuring maximum space utilisation. Space planning and space management is the key. 

2. Presentations, Conceptualisations, Working Drawings & BOQs.

· Editing layout and other drawings in rendering software like Photoshop.

· Preparing BOQ of all execution items with detailed and thorough specifications and quantities.

· Conceptualisation of each area for finalising the design theme with the client.

· Detailed drawings (GFC) related to the project i.e. architectural drawings, furniture drawings, RCP, Flooring, elevations, sections, etc.

· Preparing Mood Board for all material selection, approvals, and procurement.

· Keeping the interiors library well presented.

3. Working on 3d

· Good knowledge of 3d software’s preferably SketchUp.

· Should know when to make blocks and components in SketchUp.

· Texture editing for 3d renders.

· Willingness to learn something new – VR

4. Handling client and execution teams once the project starts.

   · Ensuring the execution teams have understood the drawing and executing work as per drawings. Visiting site occasionally/weekly basis for this.

   · Dynamically incorporating on-site changes and client unavoidable changing aspirations. 

   · Coordination with Consultants, Project Team, and Client. 


Measurement Metrics


· # of Client interactions

· # of conceptualisation

· # of project set of drawings completed

· # of 3d designs 


Competencies: Iceberg Elements & Attributes List


1. Designing: Conceptualisation, Working Drawings

2. Communication skills especially fluency in English

3. Persuasion skills

4. Rapport building skills

5. Telephone etiquette

6. Speed

7. Furniture Knowledge

8. Knowledge of office layouts


1.  Autocad, Photoshop, Sketchup, Revit, Lumion, 

2.  Microsoft Word, MS Excel/Google Sheets, and MS PowerPoint

3.  Knowledge of finishes, fixing details and quotation making.


1.   Confident

2.   Smart


1.   Talkative and high energy

2.   Persistent

3.   Willingness to learn

4.   Hospitable


1.   Growth Oriented

2.   Win-win philosophy