Executive Assistant Role Clarity Document

Role: Executive Assistant to CEO

Role Definition: Executive Assistant is the one who is responsible to support his/her manager (CEO in this case) in all office management, internal and external communication, clerical support and often handling tasks that have a direct effect on the success of the business.

for understanding the client’s requirement in designing a space and planning it in accordance with the functionality and aesthetics. Creative and smart enough to solve any design issues.

Responsibility Deliverable

  1. Managing schedules and communications of CEO

  2. Skilled in streamlining administrative functions

  3. Managing confidential administrative tasks for the leadership team.

  4. Coordinating / Directing day-to-day general & administrative functions within the team and outside for smooth business operations.

  5. Maintaining various MIS reports & documents to provide feedback to top management.

  6. Managing resume selection, primarily interviews, the onboarding process for new joiners.

  7. Ensuring adherence to procedures and service standards for business excellence

  8. Automation initiatives for improving the overall functioning of processes

  9. Analytical, negotiation and interpersonal skills; achieving internal customer satisfaction by timely responding to queries

Tasks & Activities

1. Managing schedules and communications of CEO

· prioritizing emails and phone calls

· Scheduling meetings/ complex calendar

· Maintaining correspondence,

2. · Making Minutes of the meeting

· Careful note on his/her objective

Measurement Metrics

· # how free is CEO from day to day tasks

Competencies: Iceberg Elements & Attributes List


  1. Communication skills especially fluency in English

  2. Persuasion skills

  3. Rapport building skills

  4. Telephone etiquette

  5. Speed


1. Microsoft Word, MS Excel/Google Sheets, and MS PowerPoint


1. Confident

2. Smart


1. Talkative and high energy

2. Persistent

3. Willingness to learn

4. Hospitable


1. Growth Oriented

2. Win-win philosophy