Executive Assistant Role Clarity Document


Role: Executive Assistant to CEO


Role Definition: Executive Assistant is the one who is responsible to support his/her manager (CEO in this case) in all office management, internal and external communication, secretarial & clerical support, and often handling tasks that have a direct effect on the success of the business.


Responsibility Deliverable



Tasks & Activities


1. Managing schedules/calendar of CEO

· Scheduling/re-scheduling meetings/ managing complex calendar based on priority defined by CEO.

· Capturing actionable items from verbal and written communication happening anywhere in organisation and making a NOW (creating a calendar entry for a specified date and time) for the action.

. Taking notes every morning on the to-do list and accordingly delegating on daily basis with reporting on the same in the evening.


2. Managing internal and external communications of CEO

· Handling & Prioritizing emails and phone calls. Briefing of important emails face to face or over a phone call. 

· Maintaining correspondence, follow-ups, and ensuring timely completion.

· Making Minutes of the meeting

· Managing confidential administrative tasks for the leadership team.

3. Automation initiatives for improving the overall functioning of processes

· Creating PSS (Process, System and Structure)

· Creating Automation process using technology like Google Sheets, Google Data Studio

· Ensuring the process is followed.

· Briefing CEO of any bottlenecks, taking solutions and implementing those solutions

· Briefing CEO of achievements (productivity of each function of the day) in a "crisp, precise, to-the-point" manner.

· Maintaining and presenting various MIS reports & documents to provide feedback to top management.

· Ensuring adherence to procedures and service standards for business excellence

4. Administration 

· Coordinating / Directing day-to-day general & administrative functions within the team and outside for smooth business operations.

· Analytical, negotiation, and interpersonal skills; achieving team satisfaction by timely responding to queries

5. HR (partially)

· Managing resume selection, primary interviews, the onboarding process for new joiners.

· Internal policy-making and adherence

Measurement Metrics

· #  Fixing 1 hour with CEO and briefing him about the calendar, e-mails, other communications, and EA to-do list, queries    from the team for CEO, taking solutions and communicating further to the team, vendors and clients.

· #  Ensuring CEO's objective is met and he is focused on what he is doing without any distractions.

· # how free is CEO from day to day tasks


Competencies: Iceberg Elements & Attributes List



1.   Microsoft Word, MS Excel/Google Sheets, and MS PowerPoint


1.   Confident

2.   Smart


1. Talkative and high energy

2. Persistent

3. Willingness to learn

4. Hospitable

5. Trust-worthy


1.   Growth Oriented

2.   Win-Win-Win philosophy

3.   CEO productivity