Your guide to choosing a comfortable chair for your workplace

Are you concerned about the health of your employees so they could enhance productivity?

Especially when they spend more time in the office instead of their home working for 9 to 10 hours a day.

If yes…!!!

Hence, providing employees the right chair becomes your responsibility.

Backache and spine pain has become a very common problem in youngsters specifically. Many people have a fat tummy because of sitting on the wrong poster on the wrong chair and this is also a very common issue these days. As the right chair supports the spine and back. It keeps joints and tissue in a natural and neutral position.  There are many other benefits of having the right chair that we will discuss in this blog further.

But before moving towards the benefits of buying the right chair, let's understand what all features you should look for while buying the right chair.

 Lumbar support: Lumbar support provides the strongest support to lower back muscles. Hence, it becomes the foremost thing one should look into a chair.

Arm support:  A chair with the feature of adjustable armrests helps to flip up and push upwards, this keeps you safe from neck pain and shoulder. 

Tilt: The tilt feature helps in changing or adjusting the seat angle as needed.

Swivel: It helps to rotate or move without moving the chair’s base.

Height Adjustment: this gives the flexibility of adjusting the height of the chair. In case a table has more height and a person is short, they can adjust the height of the chair, according to their comfort.

Paddle Control:  Paddle control gives control over your knee and back tilt positions.

Backrest: The backrest just doesn’t help to increase blood circulation. It helps to relieve the pressure on your lower back.

Casters: It helps to move around short distances. So you don’t have to get up again and again.

Now before you decide to buy the chair, brainstorm these questions:

Once you have got answers to all the above questions, you can select the right chair. These are some types of office chairs that contain all of the above features. 

I Greet Your Guests Well and Build Brand – I am Guest/ Reception Chair

As they say “the first  impression is the last impression.” Therefore, to build a good impression on guests and visitors these chairs would be a great choice for a waiting room or reception area. Along with this, you should provide them a comfortable chair. This would also help you build a good image of your brand and yourself.

There are many different types of basic guest chairs available but if you need one for senior management or highly business professionals, then you can choose a guest chair with an ergonomic design with high quality of fabric and Premium Leatherette. Leatherette is eco-friendly. They are easy to maintain material that has all the natural aesthetic & features of real leather. 

I Talk About Your Style and Comfort- I am a Conference Chair

Ensure that the people in your meeting can sit comfortably and in a relaxed position. Many times it is observed that people are unable to focus on meeting as they keep adjusting the chair.  This distracts their focus and other people as well. Sometimes people get irritated due to a lot of moments when someone adjusts their chair continuously. To avoid all this, have chairs with features like castor wheels, height adjustment, padded support, flip-up arms, lumbar support, swivel, etc. These chairs might be costly. But the investment is worth in the long run as it increases productivity and provides satisfaction to people sitting in the room.

If you do client meetings frequently, you can have stylish chairs with all the necessary features. 

To add variety is the spice of life-choose stylish chair! You could choose from contemporary, modern, vintage, and imperial styles, depending on your taste.  

Vintage and Imperial chairs bring maturity and seriousness to your office space. To add a bit of uniqueness to your office, a vintage chair is always the best choice.

I  Take Care of Your “Wealth of Health”- I am Ergonomic Chair

This chair provides a relaxed seating environment. It has been known to reduce many types of body aches. If you are working for long hours, an ergonomic chair becomes a necessity. As it supports the spine and lower back. It also keeps your joints and tissues in a natural and neutral position. Ergonomic chairs come with a well-padded seat and back. It has adjustable seat height, adjustable armrests, adjustable backrest, lumbar support, and sturdiness. This chair provides a “wealth of health.”

Due to all the above benefits, it allows employees to focus on their work more effectively, which as a result increases their productivity.

As most of the people are working from home these days. Ergonomic chairs are highly recommended to them.

I communicate your power-I am a Boss Chairs

This type of chair communicates power and status. Thus play a major role in enhancing business productivity due to all the advanced features in it.

These chairs are especially preferred for people on the top management in the office. You can identify a boss chair just by the design itself as they tend to be unique from other types of office chairs.

These chairs could be expensive. Yet they are considered to be worth the investment. Besides, the high-grade quality material used, frame look, and the ergonomic design make them attractive and give a professional look.

them attractive and give a professional look.

The All in One Chair- Executive Chairs

The executive chair helps you with the right backrest. It helps you with the full-swing chair mechanism. This chair commits you absolute comfort and relief during heavy workload, stress,  and pressure.

 Executive chairs adapt all the above-mentioned features like lumbar support, ergonomic design, padded controls, etc. Therefore, executive chairs are often described as the best chair to be used in the workplace. If you are planning for one time investment in the long run on chairs, they tend to be worth the investment.

This chair is perfect to be used in the corporate office environment or professional waiting room for senior and upper management.

Executive Office Chairs provide an elite and classy look to your office space. They easily tend to blend with older office furniture. Since they are made up of high-grade materials like leather and wood, they provide a maximum guarantee of comfort and durability.

Even if you are selecting a chair for work from home, you can consider these chairs based on your requirement.  

Now you have so many options to choose from in chairs that give you comfort during stress and pressure. . You can decide which chair suits you by knowing the significance of a particular chair. 



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Written by Akhilesh Leekha (December 2020) 

Transcript (adding flavor in writing) and Design by Anshul Ghanghas (December 2020)