Working from Home Essentials You Cannot Miss!

A pandemic brings everything to a halt. Working-from-home has become the new normal, with its own set of rules. According to surveys, the majority of the working class is now forced to conduct their office hours directly from their homes. This new development is precisely why you should obtain the appropriate set of work from home equipment.

Working from home can be challenging at times and that why Divine Innovation is here to help! You will not get any work done if you do not have the proper equipment and workspace. Get the following work-from-home equipment and supplies for your home-office needs to ensure that you have work from now until the time that face-to-face interaction is now permitted.

Let’s talk about how you can get the best out of a minimal yet extremely productive work-from-home setup.

Your ergonomics are important, especially if you're going to be working for long periods of time. A large table allows you to not only type but also write notes on your pad. A computer table that can be adjusted to a standing or sitting position and it will allow you to change your pace and get some much-needed stretching and exercise.

Adjust your computer screen to eye level and work in an area with natural light and fresh air - perhaps near a window?

  • Routers and wireless range extenders

Anyone working from home needs to have access to a computer. Isn’t it?

You may require high-speed internet, especially if you make video calls on a regular basis. It is preferable to have hardwired internet access. You can choose to upgrade your service plan at Work-From-Home to increase your speed. In its absence, however, you can opt for a wireless internet connection. If you need to transfer from one area of your home to another, you should have a modem, router, and Wi-Fi extenders or mesh set-up on hand.

Working will be much easier with a good chair. You can choose a mesh chair, a gaming chair, or any chair with side arms. Choose a comfortable chair that offers both support and comfort.

Poor sitting posture and ergonomics in the workplace can harm spinal structures and contribute to recurrent episodes of back pain. We too have experienced back pain as a result of a lack of support. Lumbar support chairs can be purchased from our website, or you can make your own lumbar pillow if you love DIY.

  • Desk Lamp

Light up your workspace and allow for additional lighting so you can work more efficiently. When conducting virtual meetings, a good lighting fixture is also beneficial. A well-lit environment improves concentration and attention while also relieving eye strain. Natural light is preferable, so try to work near a window if possible. However, glare can be an issue, so use curtains or blinds to adjust your lighting throughout the day.

Working on a laptop at a desk is not the best long-term option. It's difficult to get your keyboard in the right position, let alone your screen so you're not straining your neck.

Getting an adjustable laptop stand is a much better option. This way, you can position your laptop so that you can comfortably see your screen while typing – we can help you on how to set up your work home desk - without straining your eyes, neck, or back.

It can be a nightmare if your office's supply of pens and notebooks runs out, which is why you should keep some of your own on hand. While everything can be done online these days, chances are you'll need to scribble some notes down, so have some stationery on hand.

This doesn't mean you have to buy the same old boring office supplies. Get some fun pens and notebooks with designs that reflect your personality. Online, you can find a plethora of unique pens, notebooks, sticky notes, and other items that could liven up your home office.


You may not think you use many of the little things provided to you at work, but chances are you miss them when you work from home. All of those extra little touches and random bits of equipment may not appear to do much, but they have been carefully chosen to make your life easier. This means they can work from home and office necessities alike.

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