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“Choosing a cut-rate flooring plan is false savings”

~ Divine Innovation

Often it is seen that people ignore office flooring while designing. Whereas, flooring is an essential aspect of designing. One of the reasons for this is that, generally, people don’t have in-depth knowledge about flooring. They don’t know the pros and cons of office flooring. This lack of knowledge causes them a huge loss of money and time.

This puts them in a mythos that they are saving money. They just use low-quality flooring which is less durable. This keeps them stuck in a vicious cycle of changing flooring again and again. If they don’t change it, it spoils their rapport in front of clients and people who visit their office.

So that you don’t go through this phase, divine innovation wants to share some insights on flooring from their experience. This will help you in choosing the best as well as appropriate flooring for your office. This will give you the best office flooring ideas that you can consider while designing your office flooring.

Before moving on to discuss the kind of flooring that is best suited for your office. Ask yourself these four question:

· What is my usability?

· What is the impact it has on my interior?

· What design elements am I reflecting on?

· Does it have good functionality, beauty, durability, and aesthetics?

Based on the answer you find to these questions, you can use this different type of flooring for different spaces.

I am carpet and carpet tiles

“If you are a work station and have fewer movements in your place, use me.” If your business needs any kind of noise insulation, I am ideal to be used.

A single plate of carpet tiles can be easily replaced if broken. There is no need to change the complete flooring. It provides you a lot of flexibility. Carpet tiles provide you a range of choices that reflects your brand and the aesthetic of your office with different styles and patterns.

One of the most beautiful things about carpet tiles are, they are environmentally friendly.

For example, new developments in yarn and fibers with the increased use of recycled content are a perfect match for increased stringent green building regulations.

Carpet tiles not only maintain their aesthetic appearance over time but they also maintain their shape. And remain flat on the floor surface without doming or buckling.

You can use carpet tiles in workstations and areas where there is lesser movement.

I am a Vinyl flooring

If you are looking for a touch of style and durability, I am the best to be used. I am easy to clean with minimal maintenance.

Vinyl flooring is mostly used in commercial flooring because of its long-lasting property. It is ideal for a wide range of applications in offices, commercial places, hospitals, and retail spaces that need to withstand high traffic. This flooring is resilient and resistant to damage, such as gouge and scratches.

I am Rubber Flooring

“I am the best flooring for resilience and ease of maintenance.” I am resistant to heat and water. I don’t get spoiled or damaged by moisture or spills. Also, I am comfortable to walk on…I am slip-resistant and sound absorbent. That is why I can be used in gyms, airports, restaurants, healthcare, and airports.

Rubber flooring comes in different varieties of textures and colors . it may seem costly in comparison to other floorings, but its durability justify it as a great long term investment. It can withstand a high volume of foot traffic.

Also, rubber flooring provides more cushion than other flooring types, that improves comfort and reduces injuries and fatigue.

One of the most beautiful things about rubber flooring is that it is eco-friendly and recyclable. Since, it comes from a sap of rubber tree that does not harm tree growth and it is highly renewable. Also, recycled rubber flooring can be used to create a completely new product.

I am a Hardwood flooring

“I am evergreen and immemorial, never gone out of style.”

I give a classic and timeless look to your space. I elevate the look and feel of the interior design of your office besides being durable and easy to clean.

Hardwood flooring faces damage from moisture. Choosing a pre-finished floor can help maintain its appearance. It is a great office flooring option for areas that have a lot of activity such as corridors, factories, studios, etc.

I am Laminate

“I am cost-effective.” I don’t get scratched and dent easily. I am strong enough to be used with high durability. I can be cleaned and maintained easily.

The lamination process involves fusing two or more types of materials and sealing them. Laminate flooring comes with various varieties; smooth laminate, embossed laminate, patina laminate, and wood grain laminate.

I am Tile

“I genuinely last for a long time and do not wear out.” I improve the beauty of your office as long as I am cleaned regularly.

While choosing tiles, color and design are very critical factors. Choosing a plain light color tile in a heavy traffic environment might not be the right choice. For instance, Tufted tiles in plank sizes are very popular at 1.2 m x .30 m. Also, Luxury Vinyl Tiles in wood looks are still right up there. New Color point technology in tufted patterned broadloom is also best to be used in the Hospitality and executive area sectors. There are also new vibrant designs in needle punch available.

Factors in play when choosing the best office flooring

Not all floor finishes are ideal for all locations. Such as we can’t use tile flooring, laminate flooring in a factory. Hence, several factors come into the role while choosing your floor. “A floor should not only be cost-saving, easy, and fast to install but it should be long lasting and require minimum maintenance.

Therefore, being a visionary leader you should be proactive. You should partner with industry professionals like architects, interior designers, and manufacturers to determine the best flooring for your offices. Partnering with the professionals will help you to take into account numerous factors that you might overlook while planning flooring during the designing stage:

  • What’s the Traffic Level in the Office?

Check the requirements of your place. If it has High-traffic, it requires flooring that withstands the heavy traffic. Also, check the functionality of your office. Floorings like granite, tiles, hardwood flooring can be used as these are hard surface floorings. These floorings can withstand wearing and the heavy traffic into the buildings for years.

  • What’s it’s Repair Flexibility?

One of the centers of focus while choosing a type of flooring, the ease of its repair when it starts to wear out. An observation into the hallways of most offices reveals that most walking takes place in this area and is therefore likely to be the first to wear out. The flooring plan chosen should be easy to repair or replace without any inconvenience.

  • Is it a Rated service Life Flooring?

A well-maintained floor type might last longer than the rated life expectancy period. Generally, the life expectancy of any floor surface depends on issues that the manufacturers cannot predict, such as the level of maintenance for that finish.

  • Is it an Eco-Friendly type of flooring?

Some flooring types have higher levels of volatile organic compounds than others. That is eco-friendly. The contents of flooring have a direct impact on indoor air quality. Also, it can recycle the end product and the industry’s ability to reuse the end product.

  • Do you think you are Money constrained?

There is an apt saying for this “penny-wise and pound-foolish is not appropriate when considering the most suitable flooring type for an office.” Before thinking of cost-saving, one should consider the life-cycle costs of the flooring types. Flooring with lower initial costs might not remain cheaper over time than flooring with higher initial costs. Choosing a dirt-chip flooring plan amid the design stage is false savings.

How can Divine Interiors help you in choosing the best flooring suited style for your office?

Divine Innovation can help you in

  1. Providing the modern floor design along with high-quality aesthetics and functionality, durability, and beauty. We take care of even the inches of your needs, so you don't have to lose your productivity and brand value.

  2. Make sure that it drives the results desired by you.

Why does it work? As it does not work on dreamy goals, but real facts and innovative creatives.

Providing a complete pack of choosing the best quality of flooring amidst designing plans and implementing it with modern floor designs for your business by keeping in mind your brand value and interior design.

Let’s start creating the results your business deserves!

To speak to your trusted brand of interior designing email us at akhilesh.leekha@divineinnovation.com

If your business deserves the best then why compromise with the ordinary!

Written by Akhilesh Leekha (January 2021)

Transcript (adding flavor in writing) and Design by Anshul Ghanghas (January 2021)