Value Additions Done by a Professional Interior Architect

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When you hire an interior architect, you are bound to get benefited in more than one way. Of course, the most important benefit is considered to be interior designing.

Here are others:

1. No rework: Ideal way before starting a work is to plan everything to the tee.

Sequence of designing involves - freezing the layout after proper site dimensions and analysis, interior conceptualization, seeing look and feel of the layout using Virtual Reality tool, detailed drawings, BOQ and Execution plan.

If all this is done properly, execution becomes much easier on site. Someone non-technical may not be able to properly plan their ideas and may later have to make changes (which requires extra cost, time and effort).

As Napolean HIll said "Plan your work and work your plan".

Planning means you have put everything in place already, execution just means putting the blocks together.

2. Saves your time: The role of an interior architect is to save your time and add value to your life.

This happens by ensuring that they handle all nitty-gritties and manage the design and execution plan so well that you have all the time to increase your own productivity. When you work with a designer, they know what “works” in your space, and from where to get it in the best price.

1 of our clients agrees with us on this. He lost 1 crore plus business within 3 months of his involvement in 8000 sq.ft office execution because he could not concentrate well on his own business.

3. Space planning: Think about optimum space utilization done by a sugarcane juice vendor.

Not able to? Let me help you! He rotates the sugarcane so many times and ensures no more juice is left in it. Space planning is similar: a thorough designer would go through various plan ideas just to ensure that your space is most optimally utilized.

4. Appropriate use of material: A professional knows what material fits best for any application/design.

For example, if you are planning an open ceiling work space, common GI ducting is not a good idea, you must use round ducts or fabric ducts to enhance the looks of your open ceiling. One size does not fit all. Similarly, one type of material may not be suitable for all your designs/applications.

Not only you get the best possible material usage, you also get right amount of material. This saves you from spending extra on the material which will not be used.

5. Latest designs: They are the ones who are all day involved in designing, therefore, they are in sync with the latest trends.

They invest in learning by attending seminars, exhibitions, by reading magazines and journals, meeting new vendors who keep them updated on the product launches. They are the masters in their field and with you two collaborating, you will get the best possible outcome.

Interior designers simply give wings to your ideas and shape your dreams into reality.

6. Budget working: A designer knows your budget, and will have pricing of various elements readily available.

He can ensure that your project stays within your budget. By spending extra money on hiring an Interior Designer, you will be making sure that the return on investment is high.

7. You get more than 1 latest design concept idea:

They go through 10 concepts before showing you 2 - it helps you explore more. More options mean more creativity, more creativity means best possible outcome.

To sum it up, Interior Designers are “problem solvers”.

They create solutions to simplify your life!

Written by: Anshul Ghanghas & Akhilesh Leekha

Designed by: Shweta Singh

April 8, 2020