Types of laminates

Hey!! Worried about scratches on the furniture or the quality of the finish your furniture is having.

Boom!! you are on the right platform. In this blog, you would get to know about what are Laminates and types of laminates.

Laminate which is well known as ‘Sunmica’ in India, is commonly used as an overlay on the wooden furniture. If you have ever seen a carpenter working, you must have seen that they fix the laminate sheets on to a plywood base, by using Fevicol. The common applications of laminates are: they can be used for furniture, cabinetry, tabletops, walls, flooring, ceilings, and external standards, etc. These are available in a different range of thickness from 0.6mm to 1.5mm and are available with a standard size of 8x4 feet.

Moving on to the types of laminates available in the market with pricing. There are different kinds of laminates available in the market according to the use and the pricing of the laminates varies with the thickness. Below is the list of laminates available:

  1. Matte-finish laminate

  2. Textured laminate

  3. Gloss-finish laminate

  4. Metallic laminate

  5. PVC-finish laminate

  6. Acrylic-finish laminate

  7. Exterior laminate

Now is the time to explore more about the listed laminates.

  1. Matte-finish laminate:

  • These are the finishes which are more prominently used in the kitchen and cabinetry.

  • They have good resistance to scratches

  • Have a very moderate reflexive surface which enhances the look of the area.

  • It is the most preferred laminate

  • It is easy to clean and maintain Matte finish laminate

  • For 1mm thick sheet the price is Rs. 1,200 per sheet.

  1. Textured laminate

  • Textured finish overall stimulates the natural look of the surface.

  • It can be used in the areas where we need to bring the depth

  • Don’t use textured finish in the kitchen, as dirt gets trapped on it.

  • It is difficult to clean and maintain textured laminates.

  • For 1mm thick sheet the price is Rs. 1,500 per sheet.

  1. Gloss-finish laminate

  • Gloss-finish laminate has a mirror-like surface that provides a brighter look to an area.

  • It provides a premium look to the interiors.

  • Available in different colors.

  • The disadvantage of this finish is that fingerprints can easily be visible.

  • For 1mm thick sheet the price is Rs.2,000 per sheet.

  1. Metallic laminate

  • It can be used to give your space a modern look

  • These are available in limited colors.

  • It provides a feeling of richness.

  • For 1mm thick sheet the price is Rs. 3,000 per sheet.

  1. PVC-finish laminate

  • It is moisture resistant

  • Suitable for bathroom and cabinetry

  • Highly durable and waterproof

  • Easy to maintain

  • Gives a plastic look

  • For 1mm thick sheet the price is Rs. 1000 per sheet.

  1. Acrylic-finish laminate

  • It is the most efficient finish which can be used to give your space a modern and sophisticated look.

  • It could be used to add brightness to any space.

  • These laminates are easy to maintain, moisture resistant, and do not fade due to UV rays.

  • For 1mm thick sheet the price is Rs.3,500 per sheet.

  1. Exterior laminate

  • These are commonly used for building façade, balcony, entrance gate, etc.

  • It is really a great alternative for real wool cladding.

  • These are highly durable and offer good protection against the weather.

  • These are scratch resistant and fire-resistant.

  • For High-pressure exterior laminates the pricing is Rs. 300 per square foot.

At last to give you simple advice that before buying anything first upgrade yourself with refined information about the materials, and then make wise decisions and invest in the best and right material.

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Written and Design by Ar. Anshul Ghanghas (October 2020)