Restaurant Decor Ideas for Female-Only Employee Outlets

Our women are breaking the shackles of patriarchy and proving their worth in every industry. Talking about the restaurant industry, we are familiar with famous restaurants run by incredible women like the Moner and the Potbelly. But the idea of outlets run by female only employees is fairly new and quite impressive.

In this article, we bring you a list of 5 phenomenal restaurant design ideas that you can implement right away for your female-only employee outlet.

What do the top restaurants have in common? From the moment you walk through their stunning entrance to the moment you leave, they just provide the right mix of a fantastic eating experience and top-notch ambience. Sure the food is a great restaurant success metric but it is not the only one. You see, just having a bunch of delish cuisines isn’t enough to call out people from outside! That’s why exceptional restaurant interior design is essential, whether it’s flashy branding, a bold entrance or offbeat seatings.

So, here are some brilliant restaurant design ideas to make your female-only staff restaurant even more spectacular.

Hold Tight To A Theme

Sticking to a theme is a great way to make the outlet more attractive and cohesive. Having a consistent theme evokes just the right sort of emotions and you can even employ your theme in the food you serve. Sure you could have a plethora of aesthetics squeezing your mind but ‘don’t’ just juice it out! Love and stay loyal to your current aesthetic and streamline all your design elements, props, seatings, lighting and all the bits and bots according to your own theme.

You can go for some quirky bits and banging shades to jazz up your pop-culture inspired restaurant or a crisp white will look best for a fine dining experience infused with some vintage furnishings and shades of beige and brown.

Call Them To The Wall

You must have seen millennials posting pictures on social posing against stylish panels and going totally gaga over it. Yeah, that’s what a chic statement wall is! It could be a pretty artistic abstract wall, a poppy one with a quote like, ‘’May the force be with you- star wars’’, or even a minimalistic floral feature could do the thing.

What’s more? You can even add your branding to this wall so that when someone sees a photo on social media, they know where they’re going next. A win-win scene!

Switch Up The Damn Seats!

Nobody likes to see a boring old-school outdated restaurant, including you, let alone eat in it. Comfortable eye-catching furniture is a must for a successful restaurant. Gone are days when we were okay sitting on iron-wrought chairs in restaurants which pinched every inch of the body! It’s 2022, time to switch it up with something more appealing and reliable.

Think about a vibrant large couch paired with extra matching small sofas for family seating, a close romantic comfy corner for the couples, or an integrated wide setup for college lads.

Move On From The Mess

The time has come to finally move on from the messy unorganized setup and swap it with a more sorted structure. Plan your design according to the needs of your customers.

You can go for installing large tables for big gatherings, providing table games on casual seating or personalized installation systems. Invest in customized furniture, bar counter, and exquisite lighting and don’t forget to take help from experienced interior designers.

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Get The Greens For Them

Who doesn’t like to be surrounded by the coolness of greenery and soothing flowers? Modern restaurants have picked up the trend of making a ‘greener ambience’ lately and don’t seem to slow down. Not only does it reflect a fresh relaxing feeling but also elevates the style of the space. Also, you can combine both artificial and natural plants as per your needs.

Picking the best plant decorations could be a daunting task. Don’t worry we’ll work it out for you! Artificial flowers are a popular choice for coffee bars as they are incredibly affordable and require almost no care.

For the open areas like rooftop or outdoor seating, you’d definitely want to go with natural plants in pots with some hanging ones on the sides. This will add to the beauty of the environment and make it more captivating.

These outstanding restaurant design ideas are now passed on to you for implementation to bring your dream of a restaurant run by female-only staff to life.

However, when designing an interior, it's best to get assistance from a professional to reduce unnecessary costs.

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