Quick Tips to Plan your Office Reception and Waiting Area

You must be planning your office reception and waiting area and might be thinking of planning both of them together or seperate. Often it is seen, many people are confused about it, either they have inappropriate planning or they don’t have an idea of how to do it.

If you are one of those, who have done it perfectly. Congratulations…!!!

But if you think, there is a scope of improvement or you don’t have an idea, you are in the right place.

Many people take a casual approach while doing its planning. Some think that their reception area and waiting area doesn’t have a huge impact on their branding.

But it’s a vital inherent of a customer-facing business. You must have usually seen a hotel reception area to be classy which mesmerized your eyes and blew your head. You must have felt “wow” about it. Likewise, your office reception and waiting area is the first impression on your clients or for any individual visiting your office. Then, how could you just neglect its perfect planning?

With the perfect planning, your furniture and the ambiance also talks a lot about you and your business. Have you ever gone to Chaayos? They are a tea café. Their ambiance talks about what they do. They have done so much creativity that the place itself gives an idea that it's a tea selling café.

But before you decide the designing part, decide whether you need a reception and waiting area together at the same place or not. For example: if you are a hospital, you must be needing a huge space in the waiting area as your footfall will be more. You can dedicate a room or a particular place for your waiting area. Likewise, if you have a three-floor office, you may need a reception but waiting on every floor separately would be impractical.

Hence your visitors footfall per day, type of business setup, type of visitors visiting you, per day footfall, are some of the basics which will help you decide the size and location of your office reception and waiting area.

Here are some tips that can help you decide what all things you should keep in mind while planning your reception and waiting area.

  • Let the Reception Desk Set Rapport

The right reception desk will give a silent statement to your clients about your organization. Hence, it should be inevitable and clean. Design it by keeping in mind the theme of your business. Suppose, If you are a small business and have small space, you may design your reception and waiting area together. If you are a manufacturing plant, you don’t have to give the waiting area or a small one would be sufficient . Check the needs of your business, since it is going to be a one-time investment. Invest wisely!

  • Let the furniture shorten waiting time

Choose your furniture based on ergonomics. If you provide ergonomic sitting to your staff, they can’t be distracted by backache or neckache at work. Start with basic planning of your furniture with its standard sizes required as per your need. To decide how much furniture you will need, consider your footfall in mind. Don’t forget when measuring to leave space in the room for guests to move around freely. consider to provide a comfortable amount of space between the seats.

The furniture gives comfort to your guests and employees.

Suppose you have a heavy footfall, provide some extra space in your waiting area, so that they don’t feel congested. In case your visitors have to wait for long hours, offer some modern open appearances which are uncluttered by excessively large furniture, so that they don’t feel exhausted and frustrated. Let them feel rejuvenated when they visit your office.

  • Let the Lighting light the mood

Make sure you have appropriate lights based on the requirement. Lighting level depends on room size and height hence it is very important to decide the perfect lighting fixture and level for each area. Having an appropriate lighting improves working. You can consult a lighting expert who will guide you about the lux level of each corner. Balance of light plays a big role in comfort. Too bright can give a blind headache to visitors (and reception employees). Too dim will give off a cavernous vibe.

  • Don’t forget to be techni

Let them feel, you respect their time. Provide them the facility of free Wi-Fi, charging plugs, etc. You can also put up some creative posters with quotes that “we respect your time”, “we provide you Free Wi-Fi, make your waiting time effective and productive.”

Grab their waiting time as an opportunity to promote your business and take them to a virtual tour of your business by making a short movie or video and display that on screen or smart TV.

  • Let the Decor Influences

Décor has the power to influence the mood of people. Such as, hanging an eye catchy mirror on the wall of a waiting room instantly opens up the area. Also, it adds depth to it. Likewise, adding plants reflects a more natural appeal to the place. Adding a water feature helps to relax your visitors before their appointments. You can also display information about your business. Don’t forget to have some good arranged reading materials in the waiting area to set out to help your visitors pass out time.

Consider all types of décor while planning an office reception area design. Such as floor, walls, countertops, and ceiling, etc. Also, plan a theme that’s conducive to the psyche of your business. Lastly, think of “décor density”. Keep in mind of not making the space feel cluttered. The right decorations have the power to expand a space’s feel and add appeal if you have a small space. Overdoing can have an opposite impact as well.

Utilize the most of what you have. But be focused on the core theme, with which you sowed the seed of planning. Don’t lose the track and puzzle the core idea of planning. Your reception area is the best opportunity to make an admirable impression on people. Make it a prime.

We understand that you might be confused about what kind of reception and waiting lounge works for your office.

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Written by Akhilesh Leekha (October 2020)

Transcript (adding flavor in writing) and Design by Anshul Ghanghas (October 2020)