Positive aspects of COVID lock-down

COVID-19 lock-down has changed a lot in every segment of our society. We know that this is a very unsettling time for everyone and my heart really goes out to anyone in our global community who may be affected by the corona virus.

But let these tough times not demotivate us. Keeping economic slowdown and losses aside, let’s focus on the positive impact that the lockdown is bringing.

  1. Nature is happy: The sky is bluer and the trees are greener, birds are again chirpy and wildlife is happy! Thanks to the lowest levels of Air and traffic Pollution levels across the Country (or World actually). Our mother nature had been crying for our help for long.

2. New learnings: we are becoming more efficient in technology use, be it remote meetings, or conference calls. And, not to forget the new Youtubers, tiktokers, instagramers that are coming up. My new year resolution was to read 1 book every month but work kept me away from it, I’m able to read now.

3. Flexibility: We were so sick and tired of long office commuting hours. A good break from all the hustle and pustle. A big saving on time, energy and money. Being an employer myself, I must not say this but we will no more be hesitant in giving our employees work from home opportunities, AT LEAST NOT ME.

4. Healthy lifestyle: We are trying various yoga and meditation practices with gyms shut down. With all the swiggys and zomatos of the country at hault, we are forced to eat healthy and quit junk food. Sounds like a good deal to me.

5. Human touch: And last but not the least, I myself felt that I was becoming more robotic and less human. Now is the golden opportunity to practice empathy, unity and positivity. Our parents, wives, kids, all are happy that we finally have got time to spend with them. People are learning cooking and helping families with daily chores, what more can make them happy.

So, let’s focus on the positives and utilize this time in the best possible manner to reconnect with our family, hobbies and inner-self.

Written by Shweta Singh & Akhilesh Leekha on April 2,2020

Designed by Anshul Ghangas