Our Favourite Height Adjustable Desks and You Should Have Them Too.

Couch potatoes. Lazy bums. Sleepy owls. Whatever you like to call yourselves: adjustable standing desks have come to your rescue! Gear up, open your eyes and come to your senses to see what has happened to your health after working vigorously while being in an abnormally unwell state and posture.

The time has come to reverse the loss. The problem is that sitting for long periods of time might be harmful to your health. If at all practical, you should be standing, sitting, and moving throughout the day. Standing offers many benefits, including calorie burning, pain relief for the back and neck, and helping distract the fatigue. A nice standing desk can assist you in getting out of your chair and avoiding sitting for long periods of time.

We're sure you will find your dream desk after reading through this article. Let's see what we've got in store for you...

Gas Lift Center Pole Desk

This is perfect for solopreneurs who like to get things done while being on a constant roll. This standing desk tops our favourite list of standing desks as it is extremely durable and equally pretty and compact. Made from an MDF board, you also get this stunning tabletop. The ergonomic design lets you adjust its height according to your preferences with an easy lift of a hand lever.

And you can even use it for multiple purposes- after finishing the work you can even take it into your kitchen or to the bathroom. The height of the table can be adjusted from 760mm to 1150mm which is pretty great!

Smart Lift Table

This one's a bit more in the classic style range and can be fantastically put to use in offices, institutions, and homes as well. The smart lifting legs can be completely customized for height that suits your preferred and comfortable condition for work. With an adjustable height of the table from 700mm to 1080mm, the total dimensions 1100 mm × 600 mm, this beauty reflects a stunning silver tabletop.

Modern Simple Desk

Wherever you are, at home or work, the design desk will provide you with a soothing sensation. The sophisticated and beautiful design reflects the sleek aluminium frame and is enhanced further with high quality engineered wood finish top.

The sturdy metal frame, double iron strut design, and adjustable leg pads on this popular desk are an incredible combination for increased stability and comfort, guaranteeing that you enjoy working on it.

Basic Standing Desk

For the lovers of simplicity and sophistication and who want to go easy on the pocketbooks- this basic styled standing desk would be just what you are looking for. With a minimal round table top made of wood and finished with a classy white colour, it's an ideal match for everyone who wants to work while sitting and also standing.

The desk is suitable to recommend to individuals who are intimately unfamiliar with standing workstations. It doesn't take up much space and is simple to store. You won't have to worry about putting it together, and it adjusts effortlessly from 380mm and comes with a user manual.

Classing Spread Computer Desk

This riser from Divine Innovations is a great alternative whether you prefer to work while being seated or standing. Whether you're seated or standing, it places your display at the ideal ergonomic height that can be adjusted between 1200 mm – 1600mm.

The use of gas lifting technology won't make your hands straining with aches now and then while adjusting the height.

Foldable Height Adjustment Desk

This might be an ideal match if you believe that a combination of sitting and standing is best for work. If you're on the hunt for a workstation that gives the most adaptability for changes of position to accommodate a range of body types and postures- then go for it! The desk is large enough to accommodate 2 computers if you like to work alongside screens, and it has a bottom shelf for additional storage of items such as notebooks, documents, and even hardware.

For more exceptional options you can scroll through our website and discover your dream desk that better fits your budget and goals. We have a stunning range of desks that move gently, adjust optionally, and perfectly to reach your desired height.

You might say we are an affordable option for people who need all of their interior design problems solved under one roof.