Office design has grown very popular, and there are several office design options to pick from. It is also important when building a workspace where your employees will spend a significant portion of their day, so investing some time and effort in researching office ideas may pay off in the long run.

It is always a good idea to know low-cost ways to add color and productivity to your workplace, hence enhancing the productivity and the vibe of the workplace. Adding personal touches to your office can make it seem more attractive and comfortable throughout the workday, but you might be shocked to learn that it can also enhance your productivity. According to research, employees perform better when they sit in places decorated with manifestations of their identity rather than in undecorated spaces.

Why is it critical to add colors?

The color of our surroundings may have a significant impact on how we work our productivity, attitude, responses, and frame of mind. The corporate color palette of bright, vibrant orange conveys a sense of fun, creativity, relaxation, warmth, and happiness indicating the color psychology among the targeted audience.

A more customized office also helps to improve professional connections. Glimpses of your hobbies can be used as discussion starters, boosting the possibility that you will develop stronger relationships with your employees.

Does colors co-relates with performance and productivity?

The workplace is no different, and using the proper color palette in the right places may significantly affect the dynamics of your team. Incorporating carefully chosen colors and natural materials into a variety of work locations appropriate to specific sorts of activities may become a strong combo for greater productivity. Colors will not only aid to increase productivity, but they will also serve as a communication tool to signal various actions inside distinct zones.

Let's have a look at how each color affects us.


We, humans, are programmed to identify blue with the sky, ocean, and water. This is why we find the color to be stabilizing, soothing, and aiding concentration, creating the ideal environment for us to focus, read, study, and perform difficult jobs. As a result, blue tones are ideal for bringing into focus places and calm zones.


Green has some of the same psychological impacts as blue, but it is also associated with development and activity - consider giving a project the "green light." It's the most frequent hue in nature, evoking images of trees, plants, moss, and rolling fields.

Green is a peaceful, stress-relieving color that conveys a sense of balance, health, and progress in the workplace. It alleviates eye strain and allows us to remain relaxed and efficient. Green is a great color for busy, high-pressure offices where we work long hours.

To include the color green, use natural features such as plants and moss walls. According to one study, workers in workplaces with natural components such as grass and sunshine are 5% more productive and 18% more creative than the rest.


Yellow and orange are upbeat colors that are frequently associated with good feelings such as pleasure and joy. Yellows and oranges can help encourage new thinking and inventive ideas in the workplace. To inspire creativity, include yellow in brainstorming areas and informal zones.

According to a research, daylight is the top motivation for millennial. High amounts of natural light in yellow spaces, on the other hand, might create eye strain by over stimulating the eyes, so make to make an interior that is well balanced in total.


Red is a bright hue that evokes sentiments of love, passion, caution, and danger. Consider love hearts, traffic signs, and fire engines to see why this vivid color is well recognized to energize us, elicit powerful emotions, and boost our heart rate, metabolism, and blood flow.

Adding red highlights to places will speed up decision-making and meeting pace. This is directly related to the productivity concern as adding red in the interiors of workplace increases the pace of the work but make sure to avoid too-much of red as color.


The coronavirus outbreak has had a significant impact on how people interact with their surroundings, and it is beginning to influence how architects and those involved in building construction affect the space itself.

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