Kitchen Accessories

Best Utilize Your Kitchen By Accessorising It

Organizing your kitchen can be the most tedious task at home. You must be wanting to have easy access to all your kitchen stuff in a very organized way. So just accessories it with a variety of options available in the market. Let just discuss some of the important accessories available which you can surely use in your kitchen to increase the storage space:

Pull out shelves

Pull-out shelves are usually made of stainless steel or wire. They can be fixed to the inside of the shutter and pulled out altogether along with the shutter. Or, they can be fixed to the sides of the boxes and pulled out one by one. These can be used to store various items, ranging from large containers to small bottles of syrup.

Kitchen Baskets

Kitchen baskets are a must in your cooking space. They help organize utensils, pots, pans, jars and crockery items neatly. Such an arrangement ensures efficient use of the space as well. You can use baskets of different sizes to accommodate deep and shallow storage. Keep in mind the sizes of the vessels that you own.

While plain baskets are commonly used, specific baskets like the cup and saucer basket, utensils basket, plate racks, etc, are easily available. Usually made of wire or stainless steel, these baskets are within the carcass of the modular cabinet. They come in several predetermined shapes and sizes.

Magic corner/ Kitchen carousels

Magic corners have also made a significant impact on how corners are used, these days. With these circular shelves pivoting around a rod, all you need to do is swivel, and things kept at the far end come to the front. There are L-Shaped variations to these as well, wherein the front part is pulled out and a side shelf magically appears.

Carousel units make the best use of awkward corners below the counter. They maximize the storage as well as the efficiency. They rotate on a central pivot and can be accessed very easily without having to bend and reach right in.

Pantry Unit

A pantry unit is a must-have in every kitchen. It can store all your non-perishable groceries in one place. A well-designed pantry optimizes every inch of storage space available. It includes slim storage for bottles and cartons on the inside of the doors. For larger items, deep pull-out boxes and fixed shelves are available.

Dish drying racks

Having a dish drying rack over the sink makes life very convenient as the water falls into the sink straight. The rack can be concealed with a wooden front cabinet cover, like the rest of the shelves in the kitchen, so that it blends with the rest of the kitchen design. Thus the utensils can be dried without making the Kitchen look cluttered and compromising the design.

Drawer Systems/Organizers

What could be more delightful than finding the potato peeler exactly when you require it? Modern kitchen drawer fittings transform cluttered drawers of cutlery, cooking spoons, or snacks, into an organizers delight! There are also plenty of attachments that can help you organize your pots and pans so you don’t have to sift through 10 of them before finding the one you’re looking for. Imagine the difference this could make to your cooking routine.

Wine Glass Holders

Keep your stemware protected and sorted using a Hanging Wine Glass Rack. The rack, which is easy to install, is placed on the ceiling of the cabinet and helps save shelf space the glasses would have otherwise taken up. If you’re wondering, these attachments are fairly easy to clean as well.

These are a few of the many accessories for a modular kitchen, to suit all your storage and organizational needs. We hope you were able to get an overview of the must-have accessories in your cooking space.