Is It Worth It to Design Your Office Space During a Pandemic?

Thousands of employees have been forced to leave their jobs due to the coronavirus epidemic. What does the future of office interior design look like now that many people believe working from home is here to stay?

The coronavirus has radically impacted how individuals interact with their work environment, and it is beginning to change how architects and interior designers involved in office interior design alter the space itself. As work buildings lie idle and work continues unabated, many firms are reconsidering the hefty expense of a communal working environment.

This abrupt fusion of the office and the home is of particular concern to those who design them and with so many questions about work interior designs post-Covid.

Is it worth it to design your office space during a pandemic?

Along with questions, the epidemic has provided interior designers with an abundance of something else – time. With so many people now working from home, a poll of real estate developers and interior designers has found that firms expect a decrease in demand for office space in the future.

In the near term, there has been a shift in project types as people spend more time at home, relocate out of cities, or need to set up home offices as well. Many designers are intrigued by the possibilities of multi-purpose office interior designs. Adjustable walls and screens can be used to create extra space or seclusion as needed.

Here are points to be considered when thinking about office interior design:

Employers must rethink workplaces to improve safety while also encouraging cooperation and a pleasant culture. For post-pandemic office life, new, activity-based working systems can be adopted.

Office design will be influenced by "stagnant workforce" models. However, as companies focus on developing work environments with pandemic-level health precautions, the workplace that employees return to may not feel like the one before the Covid phase.

  • Open Spaces:

The open office is being wiped out by the Coronavirus phase transition and it's all part of the new-age modern work interior. The epidemic is also putting the reign of open-concept design in jeopardy. In recent years, home and office designers have been drawn to the style, which promotes the utilization of a few big, open areas rather than numerous tiny, enclosed rooms.

The design is popular among executives since it reduces expenses while enhancing cooperation. However, many employees find open-plan workplaces irritating and impersonal, and they have long complained that they transmit sickness. The threat of a catastrophic viral breakout may now be enough to put a halt to the trend for good.

  • Hygienic Work Place Designs:

Hygiene has also become more important in the design of commercial work buildings.

Air filtration systems and sanitation stations are on the agenda, and there is even talk of adding UVC lighting, a form of bacteria-killing radiation found naturally in the sun. UVC, unlike UVA and UVB, may be manufactured artificially and does not cause skin cancer or burns.

  • Simple, Easy to use elements :

Hard-floor surfaces and washable wall treatments, which are simpler to clean, may become popular, as may materials such as porcelain, quartz, and granite, which may have antibacterial or antimicrobial qualities.

According to a survey, there may even be a move toward curving wall surfaces rather than corners, which are more difficult to clean.

  • Smart Lighting :

The idea is that by introducing more natural daylight, incorporating natural materials, creating visual and physical connections to the outdoors, and employing automated smart building systems, interior designers can improve the quality of life for those who live, work, and learn in these spaces and these add on to the modern concept of office interior design post-Covid.

  • Customized Workstations:

As businesses prepare to reopen, several are considering outdoor workstations to limit the transmission of aerosolized viruses via air conditioning equipment.

Roof decks and outdoor patios are in hot demand, with glass dividers and compact but aesthetically pleasing elements are in great demand.

  • Activity based arrangements:

Smart activity-based working systems have started being introduced to increase productivity and post Covid the aim is for the workplace to become a "experience destination," where teams may convene in a secure atmosphere for particular goals like project discussing, rapport building and easy communications on work or on new products. The traffic pattern of an activity-based working (ABW) workplace is meant to stimulate spontaneous social contact, idea exchange, and cooperation.

The coronavirus epidemic has radically impacted how individuals interact to their environment, and it is beginning to change how architects and those involved in building construction alter the space itself.

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