Ideas to Innovate Co-working spaces

                                         Ideas to Innovate Co-working spaces

Co-working spaces are in high demand because of the environment and design ambiance it provides to small business owners, established entrepreneurs, startups, etc.

People find it easier to work in an environment where productive and like-minded people share the same platform. 

Co-working spaces are preferred because of their invigorating environment. However, the functionality and aesthetics of an office plays an important role in either motivating the teams or otherwise. 

Here are a few ideas to make the co-working spaces more creative aesthetically and functionally. 

1: Creative Break/Activity zones: 

Small businesses, freelancers, salary based employees work on different tasks all through the day. A much-needed break zone is needed at the workplace to break free from the stress and revamp mentally. Activity-based spaces help maintain the character of the space. A well-lit breakout/ activity zone, introduces a positive and relaxing vibe for the people occupying the space. 

2: Smart Storage: Storage in general is provided for every workstation to keep them organised. However, storages should be well-planned in the entire office area.  The goal is to make the entire space functional, clutter-free and aesthetically appealing. Smart storages can be organized along with convertible furniture or hidden storage ideas. 

3: Introduce pop of Colours and Natural light: Colours affects the psychology of the people occupying or using the space. Playing with colours in a well-lit space helps creating a warm and welcoming space. The only point of caution here is, to maintain a balance in the colour scheme to keep it alluring and soothing. Natural light brightens up the entire space creating a happy and rejuvenating environment around. Make sure to give ample of provision for natural light coming in the office area. 

4: Optimize and Equip the workspace: A complete decked out workstation is not expected in a co-working space, as everyone is free to bring in their own gadgets. However, to help individuals, teams and to maximise their productivity there is always space to improvise. To equip the workstation with more power make sure to provide power plugs on every workstation. Power outlets should be an integral part of the work desk. Opting for a wireless charging spot on each workstation area bring up the notch to the functionality of the workstations by decluttering the cable. Also, opting for desks with drawers, side pockets and hooks allow people to enjoy optimal space to keep their stuff safe and secure, also enjoying a clutter-free, organized space is always a boon to productivity. 

Do it your way: 

With increasing popularity and demand of co-working spaces across the world, it is important to plan the space according to the people and operations it is going to serve. With creativity and understanding of the needs of the users along with the quality of improvements required to maximize the productivity with a feeling of working in the most relaxed environment possible will help you create the masterpiece everyone is going to love. 

written by Ankita Saxena on 12th March 2023