Ideas For Creating A Green Office

If your business is not manifested towards a greener strategy, the moment has come to actively jump into the ‘green scene’, as they say.

Check out these 6 rewarding green office ideas to give green a chance in your office.

Go Easy On The Papers

Please have mercy on papers, take it easy on them! You’re living in an incredibly digital era so the most unbothered tip you can get is- to go digital and save paper. You can start taking a transformative step in this direction by removing the number of printers from your office and keeping it to the bare minimum. It’s not important to physically print every meeting agenda, sent out letters, print applications, or distribute journals. This can easily be done through e-mails and online publications. Digitalization is the key to a sustainable working environment.

However, it is understandable that switching completely to a paperless approach can be a bit difficult. There are times when we will still need paper. Here you can look for more eco-friendly paper options made from recycling.

One brilliant tip nobody will tell you is to use smaller fonts and print both sides. There we said it! It’s a life-changing hack that can drastically reduce paper pollution by limiting the number of prints and can be implemented right away.

Turning Off Lights Does Not Hurt Anybody

Out of all the lessons you learnt in school, this could be a really useful one. Turn off lights when not in use- a more important tip than what it seems. Save energy and save money. You can look for an energy-efficient lighting system like LED and smart electricity connections. Make sure to ‘unplug’ all the wires when you leave the office at the end as merely turning them off doesn’t do the full job.

Also, we know most of the operations in your office take place during day time so you’d definitely want to utilise the natural light.

Open the blinds and let the sunlight up your workplace! Go for smart automated blinds controlled by your smartphone if you can afford them. While your team enjoys the pleasure of fresh light, you can benefit on cut down costs for your energy bills by not utilising electricity when not required.

Using The Sun For Your Benefit

Do not let the rich sunlight go to waste, instead use it to your benefit by installing an efficient solar power plant. This tip seems almost a no-brainer given the age we live in.

Electricity bills are an all-time high cost and the fossils are also ‘fueling’ out. PV panels or mirrors that reflect direct sunlight are used in solar technologies to generate sunlight into electrical energy. Having a solar plant in your office is a smart, cost-effective solution that comes with brilliant perks.

Not only will your power bill be significantly slashed, but your overall carbon output will be reduced as well.

Use Water Efficiently In The Washrooms

Going green in the restrooms is an absolute must if you want a wholesome eco-friendly approach for your office. Control the leaky faucets, repair the punctured flushes, employ eco-friendly cleaning products, and put on smart sensors to save resources- these are some spectacular tips to reduce waste in washrooms.

Don’t forget to remind the entrants to not waste water and be wise. Of course, you can’t be always present in the bathroom to guide them so you can always put on posters and reminders in the washroom to give your employees a lightbulb moment.

Follow The 5 R’s

You must have heard the 3Rs save the planet- reduce, reuse, and recycle. These have now been joined by other two members- rethink and repair. Integrity between these models can ensure a standardised outlook toward a greener workplace.

Encourage your employees to bring their own bottles and tiffins to reduce the disposal of waste in the office. Paper cups, plates and printed papers can be sent for recycling and things like paper clips, pen pencils, file folders, and binders can be used over and over again. Remove the additional mess from your office like plastic.

And think of repair instead of buying new stuff. Favouring intentional steps towards the 5Rs will result in a healthy output and encourage employees to practise similar behaviour at home also.

Purify Air Through Plants

Who doesn’t love the freshness of greenery?

Plants reduce the need for air conditioners by maintaining humidity levels. Plants have also proven to reduce harmful pollutants from the air resulting in a happier and healthier workplace environment. Not to mention the additional charm plants add to the office to make it more aesthetic.

So thinking of bringing these little purifiers to your office should be a breeze. Some of the fab plants you should consider for green office ideas are Bonsai, Neon pothos, peach lilies and snake plants.

If you’re really passionate about having a greener and cleaner office, you should definitely consider these green office ideas. Most of these tips can be DIY’d, however for better and more gentle efficiency you would require help from an experienced interior designer.

Divine Innovation takes pride in designing eco-friendly offices that are virtuous for both your pockets and the environment, having been trusted by more than 900 clients. Book a consultation session and leave all your ‘green office needs’ to us!

Green office ideas are emerging and gradually taking shape. As you embark on this sustainable journey, you’re in the direction of forming a nourishing workplace for yourself and your employees.

Let’s go green, together!