Five Tips to Create An Inspirational Office

Working from home might be quite appealing but there’s nothing like working from office where you are not only extra productive but also make corporate relations improving your social network as well as climbing the ladder of success faster.

If you're new to working from home, you've seen how difficult it is to maintain your creativity and productivity when you're separated from your coworkers. You've undoubtedly also noticed how difficult it is to find the drive to get down to work when your home office is untidy and full of distractions.

According to a new study, 70% of respondents between the ages of 18 and 34, and 50% percent of those between the ages of 35 and 54, believe that office design affects their overall opinion of a company and many wanted to get back to office as soon as possible giving WFH idea a tough competition.

Now to an employer what does this signify? According to survey, the aesthetics and overall appearance of your office have a lot more to do with employee satisfaction than you may have previously imagined.

Here are five ideas for building a work environment that inspires, boosts staff morale, and retains talent once your employees are back to work in the physical office spaces.

Five Tips to Create an Inspirational Office

1. A Stunning Waiting Room or Reception

While your employees are unlikely to spend much time in your waiting room, it is frequently the first impression your company makes on potential hires. From a statuesque reception desk to modern conveniences like couches with built-in charging outlets, outfitting your waiting area with quality and fashionable furniture can give interviewees an immediate image of your whole organization.

Not only that, but when clients and friends come in for a visit, employees will be happy to call your business their home and help in taking out your business name in their social circle.

2. Get To Work on Those Workstations

The bulk of employees will spend the majority of their day at their desks. Hence, it is important to make every workstation in your office, not just the corner offices, comfortable.

One approach to achieve this is to add a combination of open concept workstations and cubicles into your office design so that all employees, whether they prefer to be out in the open or prefer quiet, may thrive.

We also advocate giving ergonomic options, which can include, among other things, standing workstations, leaning chairs, and ergonomic office chairs. Most essential, check in with your staff regularly to verify they are satisfied with their workstation configuration. You'd be shocked how much of an impact a simple furniture modification can have on employee satisfaction.

3. Privacy Areas

Everyone in the office requires a little privacy from time to time, which can be difficult to come by in the modern office. Is there a private area in your company where employees can take personal phone calls?

Quiet rooms for employees who require silence for some time to cope up with the office pressure maybe? It is advisable to include a designated private spaces in your office design allows employees to enjoy quiet periods away from the hustle and bustle of the workplace.

4. Incorporate Feng Shui

Feng Shui can have a significant impact on your mood, creativity, and productivity, particularly if you are spiritual. According to this ancient Chinese tradition, having your work desk against a wall with your back to the door is restricting.

According to the ancient rules of Feng Shui, that stance is known as "Poverty Position," and the notion is that all good things in life come via the door, and facing the wall is your way of turning your back and keeping those positives from affecting your work life. If you believe in the power of positive chi or energy, rotating your desk and staring into the space between you and your door may be beneficial

5. Include Some Green Plants

Consider how much lovely vegetation and constant fresh air you'd enjoy, as well as the incentive the scenery would provide. But, since it is probably not feasible due to the likelihood of bad weather, your next best option is to bring in desk, hanging, or floor potted houseplants.

If you're not comfortable with real plants, set fresh flowers on your desk every morning to create a pleasant visual distraction—a cause to take your gaze away from the computer screen.


Changing working practices necessitates a change in the workplace environment. Designs that appeal to today's workforce's values and attitudes are crucial to a company's future success, as Millennials will make up roughly half of the workforce in the next years. Moreover, innovative office interior design catches the eye, and it is something that the employees considers when deciding whether or not to accept a job. The work environment for business owners and commercial building owners must be considered while planning for the future.

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