Efficient ways of work from home

The key to efficiently working from home is having a proper routine like you have when working from office. Follow these simple guidelines to ripe the benefits of work from home.

1. Get ready early morning, the way you do, during the normal days of going to office. This helps you come out of lethargy, if any.

2. Dress yourself comfortably, casuals are okay but lungi, baniyans, and night wear is not. You may have to come on a video call anytime so stay ready.

3. Find out a peaceful place of work for yourself where your family does not disturb you. You need to be clear to them that you are working from home and you cannot work with distractions.

4. Keep your mobile charged fully before 9 am.

5. Ensure you have managed a good internet connection with good band width and data.

6. For all video calls, sit at a place where light falls on your face not behind you. Look in camera of your system during the call as much as possible except for when you are making notes or seeing the shared screen. Don’t worry about how you look during the call. Concentrate on the content of the discussions.

7. Train yourself with video call apps on your system and mobile both. Learn to share your screen during video calls. This will help you stay in sync with the team.

8. Keep taking short breaks (5 minute every 1 hour). Use these breaks to walk, stretch and bend your body a bit. Nothing like it, if you keep walking during your phone calls.

9. Drink lot of water and eat healthy. Top it up with good exercise. Listen to good motivational or productivity music.

10. Spend good quality time with your family after your working hours to ensure your emotional wellness. Meditation every morning and evening is a big booster to keep you high and charged and still balanced.

Written and Designed by Akhilesh Leekha