Different Wood Textures that Will Add New Look to Your Office.

The era of matching wood décor in office rooms has become a trend now and well we must say that it’s for our own good as it looks aesthetically great and also comes in with a quite a variety. Mixing different wood shades in decorating offices now adds variation in color, texture, and pattern, making a space more visually appealing.

But what is the trick to combining different wood tones without making a office room look haphazard?

While there are no hard and fast rules, there are a few things we at Divine Innovation would suggest to keep in mind if you want to achieve a particular look or mood for your office space.

And it’s all because natural wood colors are neutral, they can be easily incorporated into any color scheme. From contrasting tones to patterned grains, here are some expert tips for mixing and matching wood shades.

1. Open Concept Office With Rustic Appeal

All of the wood furniture in such open concept office designs has a reclaimed wood feature wall. The walnut conference table, a lovely hardwood known for its strength, complements the chocolate brown tones of the walls. The mismatched beech dining chairs add a splash of color. The honey-toned wood complements not only the caramel tones of the wall but also the oak floor.

2. Combine Modern Wood Texture

If you are more on the modern side of the different wood tones for your office, here’s what you should consider. The natural shape of the live edge wood countertop catches the eye. The rustic, carved wood chairs for office in walnut can add a bohemian touch. The custom oak cabinets add a splash of golden yellow colour and will suit your office spaces.

3. Different Wood Tones Can Add Warmth to A Neutral Color Scheme

Various wood accents in various tones add warmth to a cool color scheme in a reception room. To make the bright space appear larger, we suggest pairing white walls with pale hickory flooring.

The file rack and shelves can be in faux wood or porcelain tile. Both the lounge chair and the mantel are made of solid oak.

4. Usage Of Contrasting Colour

Instead of matching wood pieces, consider contrast, especially when it comes to textures and finishes. All of the wood tones have been in trend, from furniture to decorative accessories.

The smooth cabinets contrast with the rough conference table. The golden oak floors are complemented by the reddish midcentury console made of rosewood.

5. DIY Wood Feature Wall In The Office

Nowadays, designers are also using different shades of wood stain to transform ordinary plywood planks into DIY feature walls for offices. Your office will now have a charming modern rustic feel thanks to this brilliant idea.

6. Modern Black Work Room with Wood Accents

Your spacious work room has an edge thanks to the black walls and various wood tones. The space can be decorated with classic midcentury office furniture, pairing it up with a vintage sofa for quick meetings.

7. Choose Colorful Accents to Highlight the Beauty of Wood

Decorative accents in vibrant blue colors complement the natural wood tones and you can also consider this style for your minimal yet bold waiting rooms. The rustic table should be made of solid oak. Natural teak is used for the chairs with wicker seats.

8. Contrasting Wood Tone and Wood Grain Pair

Pairing different wood tones with contrasting grains will improve the visual appeal of your office space room, especially if it is sparsely decorated. A gorgeous and clean desks with a striking grain tops off an old oak floor can be used for productive and efficient work styles along with pretty design.

You can consider this wood design trend, but going for professional help is highly advised. Divine Innovation is here to help you have a dream startup office on an insanely affordable budget! If you’re really passionate about having a wood theme and a cleaner office, you should definitely consider these office ideas.

As you embark on this journey, you’re in the path of forming a nourishing workplace for yourself and your employees. Book a consultation session and leave all your ‘wood theme office needs’ to us!

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