Designing your office according to Vastu Shastra

Want to build a new office according to Vastu Shastra? Or need help in building your new home office based on Vastu?

Vastu Shastra is a science of architecture that encloses the forces that act upon a given space for the flow of positive energy. Here, Vastu refers to ‘office’ and Shastra means science or knowledge, so Vastu Shastra is the science connected to designing and building of houses/offices.

Let’s talk about how you can pave the ways for getting maximum production through office Vastu

Shape and Direction of office

According to Vastu Shastra, square or rectangle shape is best for office construction.

Moreover, if your office is facing north direction/north-east/ northwest, it would bring positive energy to your office that could lead to good results.

If the main entrance of the office is facing north or east direction, it would benefit from work performance. Even, the entrance should be clear, it should not be hindered by any object.


According to Vastu Shastra, the reception of any office reflects the power and nature of a company. Therefore, it must give out positive vibes to the visitors, clients, or even employees. Therefore, reception should be built in the northeast direction, as it helps in the area of social association. Planters can be kept on the reception for positivity.

Workstation Area

The workstations can be placed in the southwest direction, so that while sitting the employees face north direction as it provides positive energy and motivates you to work.

Room of Business Head

Business heads should occupy the cabin in the southwest side so that they face the north-east direction as it helps in improving the leadership skills.

Moreover, there should not be anything placed behind the work chair of the owner/business head and light color should be used for the top of the desk, to help them in focusing their work.

The back of the seat of the owner must always be a strong concrete wall.

Staff Cabins

The staff cabins should be built in such a way, that they face north or east directions while working. The central part of the office should be empty to provide positive vibes to the employees and the customers.

Accounts Department

The Accounts department should be placed in the north or east zone for more profits. Moreover, the best place to keep the financial records is the Southwest or North of the cabinet.

Conference Room

The conference room should be placed in a north-west direction.


The pantry of any office must be positioned in the South-East direction. Paint the pantry in blue color and keep bright green plants in it for a touch of freshness.

Now let's talk about the emerging office, ‘Home office’. In this Digi-world, everyone is preferring work from home, and that's the reason we are here to provide the valuable tips to develop your home office according to Vastu Shastra for effective work:

  1. According to Vastu Shastra, if you want to develop a home office should be set up in the west or southwest section of the house as it helps in conducive to business and promoting a stable career. It also helps in taking the best individual decisions.

2. According to Vastu, the work chair that you are using should be comfortable, strong, and spacious enough so that it covers the head of the person sitting on it, as it represents a supporting life.

3. The work desk should be placed in the south-west direction, and your positioning during work should be in the northeast direction and make sure that there should not be any hindrance to a door, window, or balcony behind your workstation. This would help in reducing stress while increasing an individual’s concentration.

4. The drawers and wardrobes that are containing essential documents must be placed in the west or southwest direction of the house so that it is open in the north, east, or northeast direction.

5. You can place a small globe in the northwest directions to attract international work opportunities.

Written by: Anmol Yadav

Designed by: Anshul Ghanghas

June 26, 2020