Commercial Office Enhancements to Boost Employee Wellbeing

Your business may take pleasure in being a great place to work, however, things could be a little on the downside. Because even if you have the purest motives at heart, the way your office is arranged might be harming your employee’s well being and ultimately killing their productivity.

The essence is to totally get rid of the ‘dirty past’ way of doing things and hop on to understand the ‘future of work’.

So what office enhancements should be incorporated so that your employees' well-being isn’t sacrificed?

Here are 4 things that you can do :-

Invite More Natural Light

It’s a health’s best friend, a picture-perfect moment for a blissful mood and a key need for working people. Closed and boring offices that severely lack natural light can dampen the productivity of your employees, not to mention how hazardous it is for their well-being.

For many people, the natural light that comes with a beautiful outside view is a quick charging point to get rid of the crunchy boredom and monotonous workflow. It kicks off depression, work anxiety and seasoned Monday blues that happen almost every day of the week. Natural light is a synonym for Vitamin D and an incredible source of immediate energy. It lights you up at the moment.

Studies show that fluorescent bulbs that are normally incorporated in offices are great triggers for stress hormones and can cause eye strains and migraines. So, not allowing more natural light to come inside is nothing but putting health at a deadly stake! And I’m sure you wouldn’t be in favour of that, right?

Utilize the windows, open up the blinds, bring in more mirrors for a brighter reflection, do light colours on the wall, and say no to a congested suffocated environment!

Promote the Movement

Your office shouldn’t be structured in a way that it obstructs your employees into boxes and does not allow them to move. The word ‘exercise’ is highly essential to exist between work routines. If it’s absent it births major health concerns that can become chronic in the long run.

Now, to exercise doesn't mean spontaneously getting up while you're typing an email and start doing push-ups in the lobby. That’s a clown’s thing, not yours.

But at least, you should provide your employees ample gaps between routine and spaces between furniture so that they can get up and have a nice walk.

What does this do? It instantly enhances mood, motivates the body to work efficiently, prevents switching off productivity, and maintains a healthy flow in the lymphatic system.

Your decision to promote or demote a movement dares to help or hurt the final output of your business as well as the well being of your employees. Create workspaces that move people, not the ones that cage them. Tears are their inspiration. Fire up their efficiency.

Flexibility in Layout

Well-designed office space is more than an investment. It’s a master plan for optimized growth.

It’s more than stiff furniture, yellow lights and slow fans. Cubicles. Cabins. Desks. There’s more to that. Try to set the scene in a bigger picture- look at that new intern’s face gleaming with a bright smile when she enters your office.

Do you see your manager enjoying the newly designed cafeteria? Oh and what about your team chilling in the lounge after a long day at work to celebrate the hard work?

The vibes- all positive- even in a stressful situation- are what counts. So, flexibility in designing office spaces is a key to skyrocketing your employees' well-being that ultimately contributes to your company’s growth and performance.

Call Ergonomics for the Rescue

The work your employees engage in every day is changed rapidly but not the chairs and tables they use to get the work done. Why?

Getting there won’t be easy, but you’ve to overcome your fears if you really want to care about your employees.

Back, neck, wrist, and shoulder issues, often known as work-related musculoskeletal diseases, can be greatly reduced by setting up a workstation with an ergonomically optimal desk, chair, and computer display positioning.

Ergonomics seeks to enhance the compatibility between workplace and employee in order to promote health, comfort, and productivity.

Remember that there exists a direct relationship between an employee’s job satisfaction and your company’s output. And job satisfaction is a product of an ideal well being.

So, in order to design an office space that enhances your employees' morale and health, you should take help from the players who are already running this industry- Divine innovation.

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