Can Interior Design Affect Your Productivity?

“Your interior & architectural designing is my passion”

Do you feel like running away from your own working desk whether it is in your office or in your house? Your belongings are not arranged properly and it is all over your desk and is not clean for you to work properly? In such situations you often feel suffocated, dull and full of low energy which further reduces your productivity.

It is because your interior and architectural design of your desk and surrounding is not properly done. I am going to share some findings with you and walk you through 4 design features which will enhance your productivity.

  1. Defined Infra

Just imagine an office with files spread over a table, where even standing on a single foot is a challenge. Or a cup of coffee & tea is put on the table with dark spots and round shape marks. Or people are eating on the same table on which they work and the food is spilled over and around the table.

Would you love to work in such a place?

You might be saying, eeewwww…!!! who would love to work in such a place?


Absolutely…!!! No one would love to work at such a place, that is the reason; having a well-organized space is important. When things are defined, files are managed properly, you have a proper clean desk to sit, it saves your time and enhances productivity.

Now, just imagine the opposite. If your workplace is well organized, that is, you have a proper place for all your stuff, the lounge area is separate for chit-chat and to have a sip of tea and coffee, and the eating space is separate. It is clean and tidy. Wouldn’t you love to work at such a place?

Who would not, you may say? Right…!!

With all this, proper HOC( heat and air conditioning ventilation, which is scientifically calculated as per the requirement of place) and proper flow of air inside of the office should be designed properly to have an appropriate working environment. Therefore, I have mixed both interior and architectural design both together. So take care of both the things simultaneously.

  1. Proper Lighting and Colors Combination

Do you know, lighting and color changes your mood?

More light makes you hyper whereas low light gives you stress and depression. Balancing light or proper lighting according to the requirement and surrounding is vital. And the color combination of light and bright colors are equally important. For example, it has been proven in research that sky blue color( which is a light color) is a symbol of peace and red color is a symbol of power. But likewise, dull brown color brings the intensity of your mood down. Rest Orange is for Comfort, Yellow For Positivity, Green For Focus, Purple For Creativity And Wisdom, Grey For Tranquility and Pink For Calmness. Picking the right colors is just a matter of knowing your working style and the main uses of your office space. Now you’re ready to put together the perfect environment that’s sure to increase your creativity, efficiency and comfort.

  1. Technology

Imagine a workplace, where eight people are discussing on paper, they don’t have any laptop presentation system or anything. When you are trying to explain your point, every time, you have to use paper. The person sitting in your end corner would not be able to even take a part in the discussion. He will not have an interest due to a lack of engagement. This defines the lack of technology planning in your workplace.

Now, imagine the opposite. Where there is a meeting room with 8 chairs, to every chair, an electric plug is connected. Anyone can connect their laptop to the presentation screen with proper whiteboard facilities or a display screen. And different teams can hurdle together with good collaboration. Wouldn’t it increase the participation, interest, and engagement of people sitting in the meeting? That will automatically increase productivity.

  1. The Interior heals your soul and mind

As discussed earlier, the importance of colors and light. Likewise, the art and décor of the place heal the Hormones of the human being. It heals their mind and soul. Beautiful art on the wall can give anyone peace of mind when in stress. An inspiring quote written on the wall can motivate a person when he is feeling low. A creative notice board with funny cartoons can make a person smile when he is sad.

When you see such a good interior with excellent functionality, your mind automatically wants to work with more focus and positivity. Ultimately, it will increase your productivity and ROI of your company.

Divine Innovation can help you in providing the best interior with an architectural design along with high-quality aesthetics and functionality. We take care of even the inches of your needs, so you don't have to lose your productivity.

Written and designed by: Ar. Anshul Ghanghas

September 25, 2020